ENRADD Wireless System is a non-radar speed-timing device. The ENRADD Wireless System is a PA approved speed-timing device. The ENRADD Wireless System was developed as speed enforcement tool that can be deployed in a wide range of traffic conditions. The wireless link allows the ENRADD to be separated from the Non-Contact Roadswitch’s that form the timing zone. This wireless link allows the ENRADD display to be a distance of +/- 2000 feet from the Non-Contact Roadswitch timing zone, i.e. line of site. The ENRADD Wireless System measures the speed of a vehicle as it passes through the Non-Contact Roadswitch’s timing zone, then displaying the speed for the officer to see.

The ENRADD Wireless System has options available to collect the speed data. The ENRADD will store this data for downloading later. The ENRADD can store up to 999 data points, which include speeds and minute stamps. The data that the ENRADD stores can be filtered for average speeds, however the data the ENRADD stores can not be altered. The stored information from the ENRADD can be printed for traffic speed reports. Note we don’t recommend using the ENRADD Wireless System as an unmanned traffic study device.


Multi-head units.

The ENRADD Wireless System can also be equipped with up to 4 ENRADD display heads per one set of Non-Contact Roadswitch’s. The ENRADD Wireless with multiple heads would allow a police department to have a ENRADD display head in more than one patrol car for large details, or heavy volume areas.

Multi-head units are available.

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